Teak Decking Your Yacht with Chi Yacht Refinishing

teak deck yacht

Why You Should Make the Plunge

Everyone loves a teak deck, but whether or not to actually install one is a major decision. Whether you’re considering a teak deck for aesthetic purposes or for functional reasons, there’s a lot to think about. Let’s round up the top reasons why you should stop thinking about a teak deck, and start relaxing on one.


Nothing Looks Better Than a Teak Deck

A teak deck is a classic look for a reason. Universally appealing, everyone loves the wood decking. If you want your guests to truly love their time on your boat, and if you want to truly wow everyone with how gorgeous your boat is, a teak deck is one of the best investments you can make.


A Teak Deck Is One of the Most Visible Parts of the Boat

You can take on any number of projects on your boat from DIY restoration to cleaning to decorating, but at the end of the day, the floor is one of the most visible parts of the boat. Stretching the length of the entire area, it makes an impression no matter where you or your guests stand.


Teak Naturally Resists Moisture

Teak helps prevent the infestation of fungus and termites by preventing the absorption of moisture. Needless to say, such an infestation is unpleasant. Not only will it ruin your experience, but it can lead to costly damage reaching far beyond the deck itself. Rather than gamble with other flooring, get a teak deck, as teak is renowned by woodworkers for its water resistance.


Teak Decking is Safer

Teak is anti-skid, and known for its non-slip surface. Whenever you have a large gathering on your yacht, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with having a non-slip deck.


It Looks Great For a Long Time

When properly cared for, a teak deck looks beautiful for years. That’s because teak contains natural oils that gives it a lustrous glow and color. As long as you properly, gently wash your teak deck, and clean up spills as they happen, you will amaze your guests with a beautiful deck for years to come.


It’s Easy to Clean 

Cleaning a teak deck is remarkably easy. Simply wash it with a gentle brush and a mild detergent. While the type of caulking you choose will have its own maintenance needs, overall Teak is a very forgiving material to maintain.


Consult a Leader in Yacht Refinishing

If you’re on the fence about acquiring a new deck, consult an expert in yacht teak decking. Forget everything you think you know about decking, and take a look at some of the newer teak deck systems for boats. But don’t go just anywhere. You deserve the best, and Chi Yacht Refinishing is a team of about 22 professionals with a wealth of knowledge about teak decking services for yachts. You deserve a beautiful, easy to maintain deck, and Chi Yacht Refinishing can’t wait to give you the teak deck you’ve always dreamed about having.