3 Reasons to Install Teak Deck on Your Yacht

Just like with everything else that you may own, the more you take care of it, the longer it will last. Your yacht can last 20 years or even more with the proper care. Some may believe that they can do without teak decking but we are here to share with you three reasons you should consider applying teak decking to your yacht! Let’s dive right into how this could change your yacht’s appearance for the better.


#1 Teak helps your deck stay durable

If you didn’t already know, teak is a specialized tropical hardwood that has made its way to a #1 popular choice for its durability and long-lasting deck material. Teak is extremely strong and very dense which allows your yacht to uphold heavy wear without bacterial growth or rot. The key to a long-lasting yacht is teak!


#2 Teak provides a gorgeous result

You don’t need a better reason to consider applying teak to your deck than to wanting a gorgeous result! You would be surprised with how much of a change your yacht will have just by applying teak. It’s worth the shot if you see your deck looking a bit dull. Put life back into your yacht just by applying teak to your deck!


#3 Teak is easy to maintain

With life moving 200mph when will you ever have the time to maintain the many things you need to already maintain on your yacht? Teak is among the very few things you constantly need to maintain and while its not maintenance-free, you can enjoy the minimal maintenance it brings. You won’t need to do much, you can simply wash it down every few weeks with a hose and a soft brush. Before you know it, your yacht will look impeccable!


Ready to apply teak decking to your yacht?

At Chi Yacht Services, we specialize in restoring and applying teak decking on boats of all sizes. Teak decking is a great investment that will reward you time after time and if you’re ready to this investment contact us today!