About Us

We’re a team of about 22 refinisher, painter, professional problem solvers who works around the clock to make CHI Yacht Refinishing the most powerful marine restoration and a go-to source for routine maintenance and service.

CHI Yacht Refinishing provides you the solutions you need, and takes great pride in meeting the most discerning quality expectations and standards whether your yacht requires exterior painting, interior refinishing, detailing, special coating, fairing of additions and extensions while maintaining a fair pricing structure. CHI Yacht Refinishing is the source for all of your marine vessel service needs, from small projects to total vessel retrofits.


CHI Yacht Refinishing started in the early 90’s and was built up on a strong family foundation . After several years of active involvement in smaller yachts on both east and west coast of America, we discovered a shortfall of professional yacht restoration services and expended our reach and based our- selves in South Florida – The yachting mecca of the world.

Even though CHI Yacht Refinishing was founded in the USA, we offer our services at Global scale to service private and government yacht anywhere in the world. CHI Yacht Refinishing is proud to be part of the global marine industry and a well-respected, trusted company in South Florida and International waters.


” Extremely competent and very professional company that is reliable and willing to walk the extra mile. I would highly recommend CHI Yacht Refinishing to anyone that requires specialized finishing to professional yachting standards in a timely manner.”

~ Captain, M.Y. Lady Joy