Stop Scrubbing! Replace Your Teak Deck

New Teak Deck on Yacht

There’s a common problem that boat owners have when it comes to their teak deck. They scrub their deck until it looks beautiful, and almost immediately it looks old and worn again. Before they know it, they’re back to scrubbing, clueless as to why their teak deck gets dirty so fast.

In reality, it’s this scrubbing that’s part of the problem. A properly maintained teak deck is an excellent choice, requires very little looking after, and should last 20 years or longer. Whether or not you’re the original owner, if your teak deck is showing signs of aging, it’s best to replace it and start practicing better habits. Let’s examine some signs that it’s time to get a new teak deck.


The Original Deck Was Bad to Begin With

Unfortunately, many teak decks start out poor. Whether it’s a bad fit, thin wood, or narrow caulking, many teak decks are just waiting to be worn down. In turn, this causes owners to scrub whenever they find the time, which wears down the wood.

Having a solid teak deck ensures it will last for a very long time with minimal care. Since many modern teak decks are cheap and poorly installed, choosing a professional refinisher is an excellent option to refresh your deck and start out on the right foot.


You’ve Been Scrubbing

If your teak deck always seems to be dirty, it’s likely gotten itself into a bad cycle. Teak decks only need gentle washing to be cleaned, as scrubbing wears down the natural surface. In turn, a scrubbed deck looks nice at first but allows for dirt to more easily become engrained in the wood. The solution? More scrubbing.

If this sounds like your deck, you should know that there are only two options short of replacing the deck: switch to gentle washing and live with the poor appearance of the deck, or perform a sanding and oxalic acid treatment. You don’t want to do the former, and you don’t want to risk the safety hazards of the latter, so instead of doing DIY restoration, consider replacing your teak deck.


You’re Constantly Doing Patchwork Repairs

Constantly mending a poor deck is more than just a waste of time. In fact, you’re really just waiting for a much bigger problem, such as a leak, to occur. While you may be able to cover up blemishes and minor damage, you truly do not want costly repairs to build up over time. And why waste your life with these little repairs, anyway? Installing a new, high-quality  teak deck, and properly caring for it, will free you to actually enjoy your boat.


Consult a Leader in Yacht Refinishing

If these problems sound familiar, it’s probably high time to consult a professional about replacing your teak deck. A professional will be able to determine why you’re having problems with your current yacht teak decking, and recommend and install any of the most modern and high-quality teak deck systems for boats. Chi Yacht Refinishing is a team of about 22 professionals who work around the clock to provide teak decking services for yachts in addition to many other refinishing services. Don’t delay, contact Chi Yacht Refinishing today and enjoy your boat again!