How to Choose Between Black and Grey Caulking for Your Teak Deck

Teak Deck caulking

There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained teak deck, but you’ll have several options, including whether to use black or grey caulking. There are many technical details out there on how to use black or gray caulking, but what are the pros and cons of each? Let’s take a look and get some clarity on how to approach this decision.


What’s the Deal with Gray?

Black caulking is traditional, but more and more yachts are using gray. Is there some particular reason for this decision? Is gray caulking somehow better, or longer-lasting? Actually, aesthetics appears to be behind the sea change in taste, with many believing Vitters-build S/Y Ghost to be one of the first caulked with a custom grey caulk in 2009. Indeed, the caulking on this project was custom-made as there were no commercially ready greys on the market in 2009.


So it often goes that trends are often set by a famous example setting a precedent. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with admiring the aesthetics of gray caulking, which are in fashion right now, it’s important to understand that while the appeal might be strictly limited to appearance, caulking itself has many specific properties. What looks good is not necessarily better.


The Longevity of Caulking

Gray and white caulking is simply not as durable as black caulking. Additionally, applying gray caulking is much more difficult and is not recommended as part of a DIY restoration. That’s not to say you absolutely shouldn’t use gray caulking, but if you’re dead set on being fashionable, it’s important to not waste your time or money and hire a professional service.


When Grey Caulking Is Not Appropriate

A seasoned professional will be able to diagnose certain conditions on a teak deck that would make caulking with gray an unwise decision. Old decks with water ingress or poor teak adhesion, for example, are poor candidates. While a new deck might actually be the best cure, if you’re on a budget, then it’s safe to stick with the stronger black caulking


Consult a Leader in Yacht Refinishing

If you’re interested in grey caulking, you can certainly have the fashionable appeal and a job well done, but it will be extremely difficult to accomplish on your own. Many things can go wrong, and amateurs who do not have a lot of experience in caulking should contact a professional.


Contact an expert in yacht teak decking, and get an understanding of the health of your deck before considering any renovation projects. It may well be recommend that you install one of the newer, more high-quality teak deck systems for boats to restore the health of your boat prior to making aesthetic decisions. Chi Yacht Refinishing is a team of about 22 professionals who combine many skillsets to provide teak decking services for yachts in addition to many other refinishing services, such as caulking. Don’t put yourself through a headache, contact Chi Yacht Refinishing today and get the boat you deserve!