Why Choose Chi Yacht Refinishing? See Why Yacht Painting Is Our Expertise!

If you’re in the market for a yacht refinishing company, it’s a good idea to take your time and consider multiple yacht paint painting services in Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas.

A yacht is an incredibly large investment, and whether you’re the owner of a private yacht or a charter company, you need to choose a company that will provide you with truly superb results. That’s why you should choose Chi Yacht Refinishing. We’ve developed an international reputation for excellence, and have worked on some of the leading superyachts and megayachts from around the world.

Whether you are refinishing and restoring a smaller yacht, or require the overhauling of an enormous megayacht, we have the skills you need. Learn more about our yacht painting expertise now.


  1. We Have Nearly Two Dozen Painting Technicians With Decades Of Combined Experience

Our technicians have a variety of different specialties. From fairing application experts to exterior and waterline-painting professionals, to interior painting and refinishing technicians, we’ve got the experts you need for your project.

We take care when hiring our technicians. Our entire team has experience working on some of the most luxurious, exquisite watercraft in the world – and when you hire us, we’ll turn our combined knowledge of yacht refinishing towards your project.

No mistakes. No missed deadlines. No cost overruns. We have the expertise to provide incredible results – on-time, and on-budget.


  1. We’ve Worked On Multi-Million Dollar Yachts – With Stellar Results

We have served the owners of dozens of multi-million dollar yachts, providing excellent results. Here are a few of the yachts that we have overhauled and refinished. 

  • Helios – The Helios is a 160ft, $30M yacht, which required extensive exterior painting and varnish refinishing. During this 8-month project, we also refinished the bilge, engine room, and much more – and won the 2006 “Refit Of The Year” award.
  • Remember When – This 160ft yacht is also valued at around $30 million, and is currently being used as a charter vessel. We re-painted the entire hull of the vessel, and also completed extensive interior repairs and renovations.
  • Lazy Z The Lazy Z is another charter yacht, currently valued at around 13 million. Our refit included exterior deck work and paint refinishing, and interior decor, among numerous other minor repair tasks.

We have been trusted with some of the most valuable and luxurious boats in the world – so you can trust that our reputation for high quality work has truly been earned!


  1. We Are A One-Stop Shop For All Yacht Refinishing Services

We provide both exterior and interior refinishing services. From yacht painting above and below the waterline, deck painting, rust removal, fairing and paint repairs, to interior painting and wood treatment, we can do it all.

You can trust us to deliver excellent service at a reasonable price, and always exceed your expectations.


Don’t Wait – Choose Us For Yacht Painting In Fort Lauderdale

Though we operate from Fort Lauderdale – known as “The Yacht Capital of the World”, we have also sent teams across the country, and even abroad for yacht painting services and refinishing services.

Whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else, we’re an excellent choice for yacht painting. Our pedigree and reputation for excellence precedes us. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and get started with Chi Yacht Refinishing.