What To Consider When Owning A Luxury Charter Yacht


Are you ready to start making money while still living your dream of owning a yacht? That is possible with a luxury charter yacht. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place, our team at Chi have put together a guide for chartering a luxury yacht!


yacht-guests#1 Define Your Needs And Your Potential Customers

Once you have realized that you are ready to enter the charter yacht industry, you are ready to define your needs and your potential customer’s needs. To be able to run any successful business you have to look at things from your customers’ perspective. If you were looking to get away for the weekend, what amenities would you need in order to be in the water all weekend long? Do you want a yacht that can carry a large party or do you want a yacht that is exclusive to no more than 5 or so guests? When catering to different parties on your yacht, you should also make sure all safety measures are being met.


#2 Consider All Your Yacht Options

After you decide on what kind of charter yacht you want to be, you will need to consider all of your yacht options to find the one that satisfy your needs. Many people who choose to charter a luxury yacht are interested in the brand and size – They want to be on a yacht that is known for their luxury so make sure you are considering big names.


#3 Don’t Forget About Your Crew

Don’t get out there until you have a crew on board. Crews come in all personalities and experience levels, just like every charter client has different crew requirements. Your crew is almost as important as your actual yacht! Take your time picking the right crew because your client’s experience is most important for the success of your business.


#4 Keep In Mind The Costs

While you can make extra money chartering your yacht, you should take in the costs as well. It’s not cheap. Having the right team behind you for all repairs and yacht refinishing needs is crucial! Don’t fret, our team at Chi Yacht Refinishing have your back and we will make sure your charter yacht is always in good shape.


Are You Ready?

Now that you have a guide and a team behind you if any refinishing needs to be done, are you ready to join the charter yacht industry? Our team at Chi Yacht Refinishing hope that you found this helpful and if you have any yacht repair questions, don’t hesitate to call our team today!