Preparing Your Yacht for FLIBS


Boat Show Tips:

Preparing Your Yacht for FLIBS

Are you ready for the world’s largest boat show? You can be jumping up and down ready but does that also mean your yacht is FLIBS ready too? We all know how important it is to making sure that your yacht is FLIBS ready, after all, your yacht is one of your prized possessions. Don’t worry, our team at Chi Yacht Refinishing are here to help you with some tips to help make sure that your yacht is ready for the biggest event of the year.


#1 Make Sure Your Paint is Flawless

It’s not rocket science when we say that dull paint isn’t appealing because you’re probably thinking the same thing. If it were any other time of the year maybe you’d be able to pull it off but not at FLIBS. There will be perfect beauties in the water just waiting to be shown off.

So, you have dull paint? You also know that the time is cutting close..

It’s okay, there is still enough time to get a whole paint job. We can’t speak for other companies who claim to be done painting quick, but we know that when we take part in a paint job, it’s like no other. We don’t slap on a coat of paint. We know how valuable your yacht is to you. We don’t fix things by adding a little band-aid, we know that won’t last. We take a lot of pride in our painting because we know not just anyone can do it with precision.  

Let’s talk about orange peel imperfections in your paint job. Maybe your dull isn’t all too dull but you’ve noticed it’s a bit not as shiny as before. It’s starting to show the textures of an imperfect paint job but only in certain angels of light. If you don’t already know, this is caused by a paint job that wasn’t done correctly. Here in sunny Florida, you are bound to get that sunlight on your yacht during the FLIBS, let us help you get rid of your orange peel imperfections in your paint!  

#2 Your Teak Should be Shiny and Smooth – Not Dull 

It’s easy to say that the important factor for your yacht to look beautiful is the outside but that’s not the only factor that should be thought of! You should also be thinking about the inside of your yacht. If you have wood in your yacht that looks old and dull, that will show more than you think. One doesn’t even have to step foot in your yacht to clearly see that the inside doesn’t look as well as the outside of your yacht. Don’t worry if this sounds like your yacht, our team can help with that too! We will make the inside of your yacht just as beautiful as the outside.


yacht painter

#3 Got Fouling? Get Anti-Fouling!

Did you know that fouling on your hull can reduce your yachts speed by 5-10 percent? It’s bound to happen really, fouling. But that doesn’t mean to leave that slimy look on your hull during the 2018 FLIBS! The good news is that it’s very fixable and with the right team it’ll bring your hull back to life and ready to rumble. Our team at Chi offer anti-fouling which is an amazing way to help prevent fouling from happening often. We will make your yachts hull look brand new and it will perform better than ever!


Let Us Get Your Yacht FLIBS Ready!

Are you ready to steal the spotlight? You can do that with the right team working on your yacht and that right team is Chi Yacht Refinishing! We offer a full range of yacht repair and refit services. This will allow our customers to have a hassle free yachting experience. See you soon!