Need Yacht Services? Let Chi Yacht Refinishing Help!

Is your yacht’s paint looking a little dull? Is it time for a much-needed makeover? Are you tired of the same old color? Well, look no further! Here at Chi Yacht Refinishing, we got you covered! Because no one wants a dull-looking yacht. Right?

A fresh new paint job can make your vessel look like you just bought it, it can increase the value of your yacht and it can especially make you feel a lot better. When it comes to yacht painting, Chi Yacht Refinishing is the top dog of its competition. We’re a team of 22 refinishers, painters, and professional problem solvers who will work around the clock to provide you with the solutions you need. Some of the services that we provide are listed below.

The Best Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

First, let’s dive into how we do our yacht painting. We understand that the exterior of your yacht is very important to you. It represents your personality and the way you see yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to keep the paint of your vessel looking at its best. Either if it’s just a simple touch up, hull body painting, full yacht painting service, airbrushing or yacht restoration. Chi Yacht Refinishing is the right yacht painting company for the job.


Why Chi Yacht Refinishing? 

We stand out from the rest of our competitors because of our one-of-a-kind yacht painting services. We have earned our reputation for being the best refinishing company in the yachting industry. Some of our techniques include:

  • Prepping
  • Sanding
  • Full Fairing System
  • Spray
  • Brush and Top Coat

Our specialists are also experts when it comes to custom techniques and lettering.


Yacht Polishing

We’re not just yacht painters, we’re also a complete yacht detailing and polishing company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We provide the best quality yacht:

  • Detailing
  • Yacht Polishing
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Gel-Coat Restoration
  • Surface Waxing
  • Teak Deck


When it comes to polishing your yacht, we add a protective coat against the damaging effects of the sun and water. We offer a line of the highest quality products that clean faster, polish better and protect longer than any other products.


At Chi Yacht Refinishing we provide exceptional yacht polishing services. We know how important is to keep your vessel looking in a flawless condition, which is why we have some of the most experienced polishing professionals in the market.


Yacht Refinishing

We offer a full range of yacht repair and refit services. Allowing our customers to enjoy a hassle-free yachting experience.

  • Top Coat Refinishing
  • Maintenance Repair
  • Sand Blasting & Anti-Fouling


We like to pride ourselves with high-quality workmanship in every project. Whatever style, fashion, lighting, layout design, or appearance you ever dreamt of, we can make it happen. The quality of our products determines the appearance of our work. That’s why we exclusively use Awlgrip and 3M products to prep every yacht.


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When it comes to all of our projects, our team of bottom yacht refinishing specialists provide a thorough process of sanding, fairing, barrier coat application and a final coat of special paint to ensure your yachts bottom will stay trouble-free for years to come. We take full pride of our work and treat every vessel as if it was our own. After all, you didn’t spend your hard earned money to have a dull looking yacht out in the water!