Need Yacht Painting In Fort Lauderdale? The Top 4 Reasons To Choose Chi Yacht Refinishing


If you need yacht painting services in Fort Lauderdale, you have quite a few options. But if you are looking for the very best yacht painting company in the area, you’ve already found it – it’s Chi Yacht Refinishing.

That’s not just an empty boast. We’re truly the best in the business, and we specialize in yacht painting services in Fort Lauderdale. Why should you choose us to paint your vessel? We’re glad you asked – here are 4 reasons.


  1. We Can Handle Boats Of Any Size

Some yacht refinishing companies handle only small yachts and other watercraft. That’s not the case at Chi Yacht Refinishing. Our facilities can handle yachts of just about any size – from small pleasure craft to larger “mega yachts”.

You can trust us to deliver excellent results, no matter how big your boat is. We have a team of 22 yacht painting technicians – so even if you need a rush job, we have the personnel and the tools to handle your every need.


  1. Painstaking Preparation For Spectacular Results

We pride ourselves on never cutting corners when it comes to yacht painting services. As all yacht owners know, the real test of a yacht painting company comes during preparation.

Sanding, priming, cleaning, and preparing a yacht for repainting is often what takes the most time – and some companies are willing to skip basic steps like re-sanding primer in order to save time, and pocket a greater profit.

That’s not the case with Chi Yacht Refinishing. We go over every inch of your yacht, ensuring that every single surface is properly prepared and ready for painting. This provides you with a better result, and a longer-lasting paint job.


  1. Exterior And Interior Yacht Painting Services Available

We can paint every surface of your yacht. This includes the exterior above and below the waterline, as well as plastic surfaces, decks, and all other exterior surfaces of your boat. Not only that, we offer interior yacht painting services. We use marine-grade paint that’s resistant to the saltwater air and the rigors of sea life. This makes the interior of your yacht is just as gorgeous as the outside.

Whether you need your yacht’s exterior repainted, or require interior painting services, we’re truly a one-stop-shop. We can handle it all.


  1. We Do It All – From Small Repairs To Full-Scale Repainting

We take on yacht painting jobs of all types. Often, our clients simply have a few patches of paint that are peeling, or otherwise failing. This is one of our specialties! We take care to patch paint with marine paint that matches it completely – providing a totally seamless look, and a repair that will last years to come.

But we also provide full-scale repainting services. If your yacht is looking “long in the tooth” and could use a comprehensive paint overhaul, we’re prepared for the job.


Come To Chi Yacht Refinishing Now – Get The Yacht Painting Services You Need!

Whether you need a basic paint repair and retouching on a smaller vessel, or you require a total paint overhaul for a larger yacht, Chi Yacht Refinishing is here to help. So visit our website today to learn more about what we do, and schedule your consultation today.