How Teak Decking Can Improve Your Vessel

Teak Decking on Vessel

Teak decking remains one of the most popular finishes on boats today due to its look, longevity, and function. This style decking can be applied to just about any vessel on the water and provides a level of safety for all passengers onboard. Teak also gives a vessel a new level of luxury and style that typically turns heads.

At Chi Yacht Refinishing, we can refinish or repair the teak onboard both small vessels or superyachts. Let’s learn more about how teak decking can improve your boat or yacht.


Preserve Fiberglass

Outdoor elements can take their toll on fiberglass which can age the material and weaken its structure. Installing teak decking can help preserve the life of your boat by merely protecting it from the harsh sun, rain, salt, and wind elements. Here is a basic look at how teak decks are installed which can be done by the boat owner or can be hired out with a professional.

  • Grind Off Anti-Skid Coatings – Most boat deck surfaces come with anti-skid paint or finishes. A boat owner or an installer will have to grind off this coating to ensure there is a clean, smooth surface to adhere the teak planks to.
  • Measuring – The vessel can then be measured which will allow the owner to design their specific pattern and ideal layout.
  • Installation – This step involves using appropriate epoxy and attachments to adhere to the teak planks to the deck surfaces.
  • Caulking – The installer or owner will then choose what kind of caulking they’d like to use which fills the gaps of the decking. This step will prevent water from penetrating the deck surface or rot the teak from the underside of the wood.
  • Sealants or Oils – Finally, the boat owner or professional may or may not opt to stain or seal the teak once it has been installed. Sealants or oils can protect the teak but choosing the right one is critical so as to not damage the wood.


Comfort and Safety

When a passenger walks on teak decking, it provides a level of comfort underfoot, allowing passengers to balance easier and not slip in the process. Since teak has anti-moisture properties, it drys faster than other woods making it comfortable to walk, sit and lay on. When finished properly, teak decking doesn’t splinter which makes it a family-friendly option as well.  


Style and Value Add

One of the most notable things about teak decking is the style and value that it adds to a vessel. Teak certainly is a more expensive option when it comes to boat finishes. Those who go with this wood choice understand that it’s an investment. However, teak is also one of the longest lasting woods around and strong enough to handle the harsh elements that oceans and waterways can throw at it.

Teak used to be found mostly on classic wooden boats and varnished heavily to give them a high shine surface. Today, boaters opt to have a more natural finish that looks more matte in texture.

Since teak is valued high, installing it is both an investment and a value add. Vessels that have teak decking are likely to sell at higher price points but can also be more expensive to maintain than standard fiberglass.

Any captain looking to explore the world of teak should do thorough research on how to install and maintain the wood over the life of the boat. We suggest hiring professionals since this work is both tedious and critical to get right. Have questions about refinishing or installing teak decking on your boat? Contact Chi Yacht Finishing or connect with us online with any questions about what we do.