5 Reasons Why Fort Lauderdale Is The Yachting Capital of the World

Yachting Capital of the World

If you’re a yacht owner or a boat owner, you may be aware of Fort Lauderdale’s status as the Yachting Capital of the World – and if you’ve ever been curious about why Fort Lauderdale is such as destination for yacht and boat owners, you’re in the right place. In this post, the team at Chi Yacht Refinishing will look at just a few reasons why Fort Lauderdale has become the world’s foremost destination for yachts.


  1. It’s Convenient To Find Every Yacht-Related Service You May Need!

It may seem like circular logic, but one of the reasons that Fort Lauderdale is so popular with yacht owners is because… it’s popular with yacht owners!

In other words, the yacht industry has always been big in Fort Lauderdale. Because of this, the city started attracting more yacht owners – and more yacht-related businesses. Over time, this has resulted in a huge concentration of yacht services being available in Fort Lauderdale.

From yacht refinishing to boat building, yacht management services, crew hiring, financial services, repairs and maintenance, dry docking and more, Fort Lauderdale has everything that a yacht owner could need. Because of this, it attracts plenty of yacht owners – and, in turn, this means more yacht-related businesses open up, and the cycle continues.


  1. It’s Beautiful All-Year-Round

Plenty of yacht owners take their vessels to the open sea, or on tours around America. But during the “off-season,” most yacht owners will return to Fort Lauderdale, because the weather is always great year-round. This means that it’s a great place to escape the chill during the fall and winter.


  1. The City Is Dedicated To Maintaining Its Status As The Yachting Capital

The city of Fort Lauderdale has made efforts to attract even more “megayachts,” by increasing the number of slips available for these vessels, Naturally this is not just out of the goodness of their hearts – yachts contribute a significant amount of money to the city’s economy, so it’s only natural that the city would take steps to keep attracting these vessels.


  1. There Are Plenty Of People Yacht Owners Can Show Off To

Part of owning a luxury yacht is showing off – even the most seasoned yacht owner will admit that it’s thrilling to have someone gawking at your vessel, or take photos. Fort Lauderdale has around 13 million tourists per year – and a favorite pastime of tourists is to walk the marinas, and view the multi-million dollar vessels moored at the slips.


  1. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the biggest boating and yachting events in the world, and attracts visitors from all around the globe – making Fort Lauderdale a haven for yachting enthusiasts who want to keep up on all of the latest developments in the industry.


Fort Lauderdale Is The Best Place For Yacht Enthusiasts!

Whether you own a yacht or a smaller vessel, or you just love boats and yachts, Fort Lauderdale is a great destination – for all of the above reasons.