Do’s and Dont’s When Chartering Superyachts


There is a reason why people choose to charter a Superyacht instead of sailing abroad on a cruise ship filled with people. Chartering combines privacy with topnotch service in nothing but a relaxed environment. With that in mind, you must be even more excited for your upcoming journey and want to make sure everything is perfect. To make your trip even more enjoyable, our team at Chi Yacht Refinishing have put together a few do’s and don’ts you should know about when chartering a Superyacht:


The Do’s

Respect Everyone And Everything

A simple rule to follow while chartering a Superyacht is to respect both the crew and the yacht as if it were your own home. The yacht is someone else’s prize possession just as is your own home, you should respect the Superyacht equally. Respecting the crew is also a must do. The crew all have specific jobs and they are suited to make sure your experience is if not the best, among the best. Treat them as if they are your valued employees and they will make sure you have a splendid time abroad the ocean.

Be Mindful Of The “Bare Foot” Rule

Just as we stated above, respect everyone and everything including the barefoot rule. This rule is put in place for a reason. To protect the teak deck of the yacht. The barefoot rule consists of exactly that, being barefooted. Some Superyachts will leave a sign or have it well known that shoes are to stay outside the cabin and others might ask not to wear shoes at all on the deck. You can leave your stiletto heels at home as they can dent the teak decks and if you are able to wear shoes on the yacht, try and wear boat shoes.

Pay Attention To Safety Briefings

It’s tempting to ignore the safety briefings because you are so excited about your vacation you’re ready for it to start. However, it’s very important for you to take a moment and understand where your lifejackets and life rafts are and digest the information you will be given. If you already know everything there is about yacht safety at least listen to the briefings as a respect for the captain and crew who’s prime responsibility is your safety.


The Dont’s

Don’t Expect The Crew To Take Care Of Your Children

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take your whole family out on a Superyacht for the weekend. It is wrong to expect the crew to take care of your children while you soak up some sun. While many Superyachts will prepare for children and have toys and videos just for youngsters, it may not be enough to entertain your children. Just be mindful that the crew have their own set of duties aside from being your babysitter!

Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Yachts have zero tolerance for illegal or illicit activities while abroad their yachts. It doesn’t matter if the yacht doesn’t take part of your illegal act, they could get punished as well They could lose their license and have their yacht seized if they don’t turn you in.

Don’t Enter A Crew’s Private Area

The crew is constantly working and if they aren’t working they will probably be in their private area designated for them away from you. Don’t visit these private crew areas without a specific invitation and if you need anything from a kitchen that will lead you to enter into the yacht’s kitchen, most yachts have mini fridges to have what you need.


In Conclusion

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of chartering a Superyacht, you are well equipped for a fun journey! Our team at Chi Yacht Refinishing hope you have an amazing trip!