How To Select The Best Wood Veneer For Boats

The Best Wood Veneer For Boats

Wood veneer is a great way to revitalize the interior of your marine vessel. Whether you have a smaller pleasure cruiser, or a larger megayacht, it’s important to pick out the best wood veneer for your boat.

Not sure where to start, or how to pick the best wood veneer for your boat? In this guide, we’ll help you pick out the best wood veneer for boats. Read on, and find the best marine grade wood veneer for your watercraft. 

  1. Consider The Best Type Of Wood For Your Needs

First, you will need to consider the type of wood veneer you’re interested in. For luxury yachts and expensive vessels, exotic woods like mahogany, redwood, and ash are popular.

While they offer an exquisite appearance, exotic veneers are very expensive – so consider your renovation budget when choosing a wood veneer.

  1. Look For High-Quality Construction

The best wood veneer for boats is built with multiple layers of high-quality wood, typically with the grain running in the same direction.

These layers are “sandwiched” on top of each other, and compressed to eliminate any possible air gaps or pockets. This step is important, as it prevents air and moisture from damaging the veneer. Ideally, you will want a veneer that is several layers thick, and backed by either wood or resin. 

  1. Make Sure That It’s Marine-Grade

Not all veneers are built alike. Most wood veneers are not built to stand up to the fluctuating temperatures, UV rays, and moisture changes that are common in watercraft. Even the highest quality non-marine veneer may not be appropriate for use on your vessel.

You should source your veneers only from companies that exclusively supply marine veneer products. These veneers are finished to resist UV rays, water and moisture, and all other issues that are common on yachts and boats. 

  1. Install It Properly

Proper installation of veneer ensures that it is not affected by moisture and other issues, and that it adheres properly for a permanent finish. In general, DIY veneer application is not recommended, unless you have previous experience applying veneers to boats.

It’s usually best to partner with a marine carpentry services provider for wood veneer installation. It will be more expensive, but you will get better results.

  1. Finish It Correctly For Long-Lasting Protection

Though most wood veneer is finished at the factory after it is built, it’s usually a good idea to refinish it after application. Typically, a good coating of linseed oil or a specialized wood oil is all that you need to finish your veneer. You should also consider refinishing your veneer every year or two, in order to maintain proper luster, shine, and weather-resistance.


Follow These Tips – And Find The Best Wood Veneer For Your Boat!

There is no single answer for the “best wood veneer for boats”. It depends on your personal preferences, budget, and much more. But if you follow these tips, you’re sure to find the best wood veneer for your needs.

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