5 Signs You Should Repaint Your Aluminum Boat

Repaint Aluminum Boat

5 Signs You Should Repaint Your Aluminum Boat  

When it comes to aluminum boat painting, it’s often hard to know when it’s time to get your vessel out of the water, and give it a fresh new paint job. DIY aluminum boat painting is time-consuming, and a professional paint job can be quite expensive.

So, how do you know when it’s time to paint your aluminum boat? In this guide from Chi Yacht Refinishing, we’ll discuss the top 5 signs! Let’s get started.

  1. There Is Corrosion On Your Vessel

This is one of the biggest reasons to repaint your aluminum boat. Unfortunately, corrosion is somewhat inevitable in many areas of your boat. While aluminum does not rust, it can corrode and produce aluminum oxide. When this happens, paint tends to “flake” off, exposing the raw aluminum of your hull.

This is the most common in areas where abrasion is common, or where the pain has been applied very thinly. As the paint continues to wear down, the aluminum is exposed to the elements, causing corrosion.

If there is quite a bit of corrosion on your vessel, you’ll want to have it repainted as soon as possible.

  1. Water Has Migrated Under The Paint, Causing Blistering 

Water can get under the paint in some places in your boat – particularly around hardware such as nuts, bolts, and screws. When hardware is attached, it breaches the paint, and can cause blistering and damage, which is unsightly. If you notice quite a bit of paint blistering, it may be time to repaint your aluminum boat. 

  1. Your Paint Is Seriously Scratched And Dentedsanded hull

Scratches and dents are a fact of life among yacht owners. Your yacht is going to be bumping up against docks, scraping against sandbars, and taking a variety of abuse from a number of different sources. However, serious scratches and dents can expose your aluminum to corrosion, and they are unsightly, so they should be fixed ASAP to preserve your vessel. 

  1. Hull Paint Is Dull Or Faded 

High-quality paint won’t fade for a long time, but the harsh marine environment and strong UV rays will take their toll on even the best paint. Over time, it’s natural for aluminum hull paint to become dull and faded. If you want to rejuvenate your boat, it’s best to have it repainted.

  1. You’re Noticing Performance Issues And Need New Bottom Paint

If you have not applied a fresh coat of bottom paint in a long time, your boat’s performance may suffer. Marine life may attach to the bottom of your boat, and the roughened surface of a worn-down layer of bottom paint can also slow you down.

High-performance bottom paint helps your yacht resist barnacles and other sea life, and also provides a smooth, frictionless surface which boosts the performance of your yacht. If you have been noticing slowdowns when captaining your vessel, a new layer of bottom paint below the waterline may be the right solution.

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