3 Reasons to Restore Your Yacht this Winter

Boating season is over and you’re probably docking your yacht now. Think about all the restoration that could be done to your yacht during this winter instead of sitting in a dock all season long? This is the absolute best time to even think about restoration and we’re here to share with you three reasons to consider restoring your yacht.


#1 The deals on deals on deals

The best part about boating season being over is that there are so many deals out there worth taking advantage of. During this time manufacturers are building yachts and with boating season over not many people think about restoration. It’s simply supply and demand. With the demand low and people not even thinking about restoration, there is bound to be a deal just to get your yacht in the shop! Don’t wait until boating season starts again because you will find yourself paying more than you need to and not enjoying your yacht out in the water due to it being in the shop.

#2 You won’t take time away from the water

Chances are you probably aren’t taking your yacht out this winter so why not leave it where it could be delicately restored? When it’s boating season your yacht will be the envy of other yachts since you decided to take action on its appearance while everyone else docked theirs.

#3 Enough time to perfect your yacht

Another amazing reason to consider restoring your yacht is the fact that there will be no rush to perfecting your yacht. During boating season, many yacht owners choose to repair or restore their yachts primarily because they didn’t notice any issues until they got in the water, with less yachts in the shop that leaves more time to perfect your yacht!

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