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  • First Date
    First Date Exterior painting
  • Diamonds are Forever
    Diamonds are Forever Varnish
  • Hadia
    Hadia complete overhaul... top to bottom
  • LAZY Z
    LAZY Z Exterior painting
    LADY JOY Exterior painting, Interior varnish, Weatherboards
  •  Fathom
    Fathom Refinished all interior floors
    MOON GODDESS Exterior painting, Lazarette refinishing
  • Enigma
    Enigma Exterior painting, Painted main engines
  • Millennium
    Millennium Top to Bottom
  • Argyll
    Argyll complete overhaul... top to bottom
    HELIOS Full paintjob, Extension, New decks, New interior

A Multi Purpose Cleaner, that you can use for all your needs. 

FLOORS       :: Wood, Vinyl, Linoleum, Concrete, Tiles, Ceramic, Granite
CROCKERY  :: Pots, Pans, Glassware, Plates, Forks, Knifes 
GLASS          :: Windows, Mirrors, Porcelain, Pyrax, Stoneware
METAL          :: Aluminum, Stainless steel, 
JEWELLERY :: Diamonds, Gold, White Gold, Silver, Platnium
OUTDOOR    :: Driveways, Paving
MATERIAL    :: Cotton, Silk, Leather, Viscose, Carpets, Plastic

INDUSTRY    :: Yachts, Carwash, Hotels, Food, Processing, Hospitals, Earthmoving, Exploration, Mechanical Workshops, Auto Body Repair Shop


product 5035761Yacht Fresh Gel is a biodegradable, drip free, all natural formulation containing both Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, and Lavender essential oil.

Yacht Fresh Gel is well suited to be placed in many of areas of the boat, yacht, home, car, plane, rv and other areas of potential mildew, moist or static air.

::. All Yacht Air handlers .::. A/C ducting .::. Bathrooms .::. Staterooms .::. Homes .::
::. Stored boats(Temperature above freezing) .::.  Automobiles .::. Excellent in Closets .::

 product 7861494Is an affordable "foul release" coating that provides a super slick underwater coating.

BENEFIT: Protecting running gear from underwater growth for better performance, fuel savings, and lower maintenance costs.

PropArmor is also available at West Marine.

For more info visit: www.proparmor.com